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What you should know about hardwood refinishing

One of the reasons homeowners love hardwood flooring so much is that it can be made to look brand new again, even after decades of wear, with a simple hardwood refinishing. This process does so much to not only make your floors look brand new, but also to restore the finish, creating a surface that will go on for another few decades, weather heavy traffic and wear as good or better than it did previously. We’d like you to know a little bit more about what you can expect from this process and how to know when it’s time to call us.

At Total Hardwood Flooring Services, we are proud to service the areas of San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, San Mateo, Redwood City, and the South Bay area. Whether we’re selling brand new flooring, installing those same floors, or assisting with restorative services, we strive for complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. We encourage you to visit us at our San Jose, CA showroom location where we can get your own flooring project started right away.

If you’re unsure of whether your hardwood floors are ready for hardwood refinishing, there are some tell-tale signs that might point to the necessity. For instance, if you can easily see extensive scratching that has penetrated the stain, it’s a good sign you need to have them assessed. You might also watch for graying boards, water or moisture damage, discoloration, or blackened boards. These are all signs that the wood should be refinished.
Hardwood Refinishing in San Jose, CA area from Total Hardwood Flooring Services
There are also some things you can do in preparation for your hardwood refinishing team’s arrival. Sealing off rooms is an excellent protective measure that will keep dust from making its way through your home. Seal doors and vent covers with plastic and masking tape to make sure the dust doesn’t travel. You can also remove doors, saving your refinishers a step and making the process a bit quicker. Removal of baseboards and shoe moldings are not always necessary, but it certainly helps.

When the team gets right down to the work of hardwood refinishing, the top few layers will be completely removed via sanding. This takes away all of the damage, wear, stains, and abuse that’s happened over the past few decades. They will then re-stain, reseal, and refinish your wood floors, making this an excellent time to change stain colors or finish types.