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Why choose a professional flooring installation?

Some flooring materials are much harder to install than others are, and require professional installation. Other floor coverings are easier to install, but it’s so very beneficial to make use of professional services anyway. Not only does it save time and effort on your part, it only makes sense, now that you’ve already done the researching, shopping, and finally purchasing your flooring, to allow professionals to make sure your investment is properly put into place. What’s more, this work will be backed upby warranties that will give you continuing peace of mind for as long as your flooring is in place.

Hardwood flooring, for instance, requires precision flooring installation to make sure your floors are not only installed properly but that they will alsoperform as they should over the course of time. This means cutting boards with the proper expansion gap around the edges so that expansion and contraction will not warp or buckle your floors. It also entails making sure the materials are properly acclimated prior to installation and that they aren’t installed in rooms that are below grade, which will quickly render them useless.

In much the same way, professional flooring installation should also be the normal procedure for installing carpet. Special tools are necessary to make sure the flooring is properly stretched and that seams are connected in such a way that they will not separate after installation. Professionals can also make quicker, better-looking work of carpeting staircases, around fireplace hearths, and in rooms that are not exactly on the square. The result is a carpet that easily lives up to its lifespan expectation instead of prematurely aging, bunching or balding.
Flooring Installation in San Jose, CA area from Total Hardwood Flooring Services
For other materials such as laminate, luxury vinyl, and waterproof flooring,DIY installation is almost encouraged. However, we’re sure you’ll be far happier with the results if you take advantage of professional flooring installation. It might be that you could do just as good a job as our installers; however, you’ll save a lot of time and effort.

Total Hardwood Flooring Services proudly serves the areas of San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Mountain View, San Mateo, Redwood City, and the South Bay area. When you arrive at our San Jose, CA showroom, you’ll find a great selection of floor coverings and related products as well as a variety of professional services that are sure to make your flooring project a complete success. We strive for complete satisfaction for all of our customers, and we hope you’ll be one of them.